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Amazing images of Universe

Amazing images from James Webb telescope, two years after launch

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) was launched to orbit just two years ago, but already it’s starting to redefine our view of the early Universe.

An image showing expanding shells of debris from Cas A, an exploded star

CASSIOPEIA A The expanding shells of debris from Cas A, an exploded star, or supernova. The main ring is about 15 light-years across.

Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System

JUPITER The largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter, viewed in infrared light. The brightest features are at the highest altitudes – the tops of convective storm clouds.

Without really stretching its capabilities, the infrared observatory has been peering deep into the cosmos to show us galaxies of stars as they were up to 13.5 billion years ago.

A lot of them are brighter, more massive, and more mature than many scientists thought possible so soon after the Big Bang, which occurred 13.8 billion years ago.

“We certainly thought we’d be seeing fuzzy blobs of stars. But we’re also seeing fully formed galaxies with perfect spiral arms,” said Prof Gillian Wright.

“Theorists are already working on how you get those mature structures so early in the Universe. In that sense, Webb is really changing scientific thinking,” the director of the UK Astronomy Technology Centre told BBC News.

An image showing M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy

M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy can be seen in the night sky with just binoculars. Here, the most powerful space telescope ever launched uses its incredible capabilities to study the intricate spiral arms.

The Chameleon I molecular cloud

CHAMELEON I The Chameleon I molecular cloud is about 630 light-years from Earth. It’s here, at temperatures down to about -260C, that Webb has detected types of ice grains not previously observed.

An image showing Sagittarius C

SAGITTARIUS C Webb looks to the centre of our galaxy, close to where a supermassive black hole exists. This region of space contains tens of thousands of stars, including many that are birthing inside the bright pink feature at centre-left. The cyan colour highlights excited hydrogen gas.

And it’s not just the efficiency with which these early galaxies were able to form their stars that’s been a surprise, the size of their central black holes has been a marvel, too.

There’s a monster at the core of our Milky Way that’s four billion times the mass of our Sun. One theory suggests such behemoths are made over time by accreting lots of smaller holes produced as remnants from exploded stars, or supernovae.

“But the preliminary evidence from JWST is that some of these early giants may have completely bypassed the star stage,” said Dr Adam Carnall from the University of Edinburgh.

“There is a scenario where huge clouds of gas in the early Universe could have collapsed violently and just kept going, straight to being black holes.”

NGC 3256, the result of two galaxies crashing into each other

NGC 3256 This is what you get when two galaxies crash into each other, an event estimated to have occurred about 500 million years ago. The collision drives the formation of new stars that then illuminate the gas and dust around them.

The famous supernova remnant first recoded by Chinese astronomers in 1054

CRAB NEBULA The famous supernova remnant first recorded by Chinese astronomers in 1054. It’s located some 6,500 light-years from Earth in the constellation Taurus.

When James Webb was launched at Christmas 2021, it was thought it might have 10 years of operations ahead of it. The telescope needs its own fuel to maintain station 1.5 million km from Earth. But the flight to orbit on an Ariane rocket was so accurate, it’s estimated now to have fuel reserves for 20 years of life, if not longer.

This means, rather than racing through their observations, astronomers can afford take a more strategic approach to the telescope’s work.

“We thought we’d be skimming cream; we no longer need to do that,” said Dr Eric Smith, Webb’s programme scientist at the US space agency Nasa.

One activity that’s sure to accelerate is the practice of making “deep fields”. These are long stares at particular patches of sky that will allow the telescope to trace the light from the faintest and most distant galaxies. It’s how Webb is likely to spot the very first galaxies and possibly even some of the very first stars to shine in the Universe.

The famed ringed planet of Saturn

SATURN The famed ringed planet appears quite dark to Webb in this image because methane in the planet absorbs infrared light strongly. Three of Saturn’s moon are seen to the left.

A baby star launches energetic jets from both poles

HH212 A baby star, no more than 50,000 years old, launches energetic jets from both poles that light up the molecular hydrogen in pink. The entire structure is 1.6 light-years across.

The Hubble telescope famously expended many days just looking at a single corner of the cosmos. “I don’t think we’ll need the hundreds of hours of exposure that Hubble used, but I do think we’ll need multiple deep fields,” said Dr Emma Curtis-Lake from the University of Hertfordshire.

“We’ve already had some quite long exposures with JWST and we’re seeing quite a lot of variation. So, we can’t put everything into one teeny-tiny area because there’s no guarantee we’ll find something super-exciting.”

JADES-GS-z13-0, the earliest confirmed galaxy

JADES The JWST Advanced Deep Extragalactic Survey, otherwise known as Jades, has the earliest confirmed galaxy, called JADES-GS-z13-0, which is observed at just 325 million years after the Big Bang.

Star Cluster IC 348

STAR CLUSTER IC 348 Wispy filaments of gas and dust stream between a cluster of bright stars. Webb found the lowest mass brown dwarf, or “failed star”, in this image – an object about three to four times the mass of our Jupiter.

The Space Telescope Science Institute’s Dr Massimo Stiavelli dreams of spotting a star that is primordial – that has the signature of the original chemistry that emerged from the Big Bang; that hasn’t been polluted with elements that were forged only later in cosmic history.

“We’ll need to see them as supernovae, when they explode,” the head of the Webb mission office said.

“To achieve this, we need to start looking at the same patches year after year to catch them before and just after they go off. They’ll be extremely rare and we’ll need to be very lucky.”

Earendel, the most distant single star ever observed

EARENDEL The most distant single star observed to date is called Earendel. James Webb confirmed its light has taken 12.9 billion years to reach us. Its light has been boosted by the gravity of foreground galaxies.

The famous Orion Nebula star forming region

ORION NEBULA The famous star forming region can just about be seen by the naked eye as a smudge on the sky. It would take a spaceship travelling at light-speed a little over four years to traverse this Webb scene.

Marvel at the extraordinary collection of James Webb pictures on this page – from the most distant reaches of the Universe to the nearby familiar objects in our own Solar System.

It’s amazing to think that imaging isn’t actually the telescope’s majority workload.

More than 70% of its time is spent doing spectroscopy. That’s sampling the light from objects and slicing it up into its “rainbow” colours. It’s how you retrieve key information about the chemistry, temperature, density and velocity of the targets under study.

“You could think of Webb as a giant spectrograph that takes the occasional nice picture,” joked Dr Smith.

The cloud complex Rho Ophiuchi

RHO OPHIUCHI This cloud complex is the nearest star forming region to Earth, being just 400 light-years away. The star lighting up the white cavity is just a few million years old.


Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga: Effects & Precautions

Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga: Effects & Precautions

Natives with Mahapadam Kalsarpa yoga have a great chance to win over their enemies and can expect sudden gains too. However, this particular yoga also has some negative influences that can make one go through a demanding period in life. Here are the causes, effects, and remedies of Mahapadam Kalsarpa yoga.

The Mahapadam Kalsarpa Dosha occurs when Rahu is sitting in the Sixth House (House of Debt, Health, and Enemy) and Ketu is placed in the Twelfth House (House of Spirituality, Expenses and Overseas Travels) and the other Seven Planets (Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Moon)encircle between the Sixth and the Twelfth House.

According to Mythology, Mahapadam of one of the many snake sons of the Great Rishi Kashyap and his wife Kadru and hence this Yoga gets named after him.

Negative effects of Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga

  • Old Age May Become Difficult
  • May Be Deceived by Own People
  • Might Get Over-Indulgent in Various Sexual Activities
  • Feeling of Despair in Mind May Arise
  • May Become Suspicious
  • Lack of Peace in the Family
  • Cheated by their Own Kith and Kin
  • Mental Depression
  • A Constant Feeling of Animosity Envelops the Native
  • Suspension from Workplace
  • Huge Financial Debts
  • May Go Through Many Ups and Downs
  • Less Favorable for Bed Comforts
  • Problems Related to Domestic Life May Arise
  • Bankruptcy Might Knock at the Door
  • Probability of Divorce
  • Possibility of Litigation of Contract Breakage Exist

Positive Effects of Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga

Rahu in the Sixth House and Ketu in the Twelfth House both bring good and positive results mostly to the life of the native in this Yoga. The Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga even though is one of the most feared Yogas in Vedic Astrology still, it bestows many positive effects on the native and following are the few such benefits of being born in this Yoga.

  • Enemy Won’t Stand A Ground Against Native
  • Native Will Rise Victorious IN Different Aspects of Life
  • Good for Settlement in Foreign Land
  • Major Financial Gains and Business from Foreign Land
  • High Level of Enjoyment In Life
  • Increase in the Spiritual Belief
  • Expenses related toward Good Deed May Rise
  • Interest in Social Work and Welfare will Increase
  • Sudden Gains
Effects of Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga on Native’s Life

Rahu is considered beneficial in the Sixth House in the natal chart of the native. Hence, it means good news for the native! As it is the House of Debts, Enemies and Health, the native will have the upper hand with the enemies and will be able to rise up out of all the situations as a phoenix even when meets the worst. The native will win against his or her enemies with the power of wisdom.

Those native with Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga in their chart may have high chances of permanently settling in any foreign country. It also brings many befits both financial and materialistic from the overseas business and projects.

The native may wish to acquire servitude related privileges in his or her life in this Yoga. He or she will receive success in various endeavors through service of others but only after a period of struggles and tribulations. They mostly have an affinity of getting involved in various sorts of arguments that may be beyond their command.

Such people involve them in disruptive activities in the repressive field such as poverty, servitude, divorce, drug, illness, war and oppression. Native may tend to have a disadvantageous bond with the servants, employees and maternal relatives. They also believe in challenging the traditional and conventional methods and rules of the way society functions with respect to the formation of alliance and conflict management.

Effects of Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga on the Spirituality of the Native

The Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga is considered to be on the positive side of this Yoga in the horoscope. Since Ketu in the Twelfth House is considered good. It gives a spiritual bent of mind to the native while their actions are steered toward enlightenment thus becoming the ultimate goal or ambition of life.

Twelfth House where Ketu is placed is also the house of expense therefore; expenses related to good deeds are possible. Native may also spend on various religious rituals, customs, and traditions as well. These natives never let anyone know about their expenses to others and it becomes their best-kept secret of life. Even though Ketu brings a lot of good things on the plate but is a malefic planet, it can never be all positive. It leads to loss of sleep because of which the native lacks or has troubles with the bed comforts. In some rare cases, eye problems also are experienced. Just in case that the planet is afflicted in the Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga in the chart the native become a frequent visitor at the hospital and medical centers due to bad health conditions. This will further increase the expenses of the native.


  • Maintain Safe Distance from Litigation Charges: There are chances of getting into a bad legal situation and into a fixed situation from which it will be hard to get out. Therefore, it is imperative that the native avoids getting into any kind of legal troubles completely.
  • Avoid Borrowing Money and Loans: once a person borrows money, one also needs to keep in mind that it needs to be returned. And if one delays the payment of borrowed money, the interest on the money keeps increasing for the money as long as he or she doesn’t start paying it. Since Sixth House stands for debt and Twelfth for expenses, it is highly advised for the native to avoid taking any kind of financial loan or borrowing money from anyone as the expenses will always remain high making it difficult to return the borrowed or loaned money and will face severe problems in returning the same.
  • Exercise Regularly or Stay Active: People born under the Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga are prone to have severe joint pains and other joint related issues at any point in time. Therefore, it will be a good idea to get into a habit of exercising regularly or following a fitness regime in order to keep bones healthy. Along with regular exercise, leading a healthy lifestyle is also a bonus for native with this Yoga in their charts. Eating healthy and refraining in getting into bad habits of drinking and smoking will also reduce the chances of having bad joint pains.
  • Avoid Trusting Others Blindly: Thinking that the other person is close to you and therefore you can trust him is a completely wrong attitude for those who have Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga as the closest people may deceive you when you may need them the most. Therefore, in order to save yourself from this heartache, avoid trusting anyone but you.
  • Try and Lead a Healthy Sleeping Regime: With Ketu in the twelfth house under the Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga may cause issues of sleeplessness making it difficult for the native to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hence, it will be good if the native tried getting into a physical fitness regime as it will help the body to relax and get into a proper sleep schedule which will be beneficial for him or her in the long run.
  • Avoid Over Spending: expenses need to be under control for people who are born under this Yoga as if the expense increases beyond the earning capability, one may have to borrow or loan money which will be another financial burden on the native. So it is best that the native keep a tab on their expenses and refrains from over spending money on unnecessary things.
  • Maintain Cordial Relationships with Colleagues and Seniors at Workplace: there are possibilities of facing controversies at the workplace with colleagues and senior and the native may fall prey to the office politics. So, the best way to avoid getting into this mess is to share a cordial and friendly relationship with colleagues while keeping it strictly professional and not stretching this friendship beyond the office hours in their life as that too may become a problem in future.

Thus, if the above-mentioned precautions are practiced thoroughly and consistently then it may help you to lessen the effects of Mahapadam Kalsarpa Yoga in your natal charts.