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Padho Leekho is an organization established to affect positively the landscape of the online teaching and learning industry in India.

The main objective of the company is to promote online Education for academic as well as various competitive examinations. India and Indian Competitive Exams are one of the toughest exams in the world…

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  In May 1950, the first in the series was established in Kharagpur at the site of the...

Class 12th PCM/PCMB

  Unlock Exclusive Access To CBSE Class 12th Course Materials. CBSE Class 12th Courses-...

Why Choose us

Why Learn Here

Padho Leekho MBA Entrance Training Institute in Bengaluru is an initiative to revolutionize the MBA Entrance Coaching space.

QLC- Quantum Learning Concept

QLC by Padho Leekho is a learning approach in which key elements of a given subject are specifically taken out and explained in great detail through Well-Researched video modules, interactive sessions, and study materials. This approach aims at creating a robust foundation in each subject for the students. It makes further learning easier and more enjoyable for the students.

Categorization of Syllabus

Every Section is divided into Four BLOCKS; Each BLOCKS is having own importance for preparation point of view. It is further divided into Concept folders and Concept Bytes, which will give the Freedom to choose any small topics/Concepts and understand at the deepest level about that. You can prepare from very scratch level to very above the Exam Level/CAT Level.

Unlimited Support (Online/Offline)

We have created Chatbots to help our students to clear our doubts instantly and update any information instantly. Our qualified trainers are also available to speak with students and help them with their doubts and provide correct information.

Flexible Learning Experience

Padho Leekho is fully committed to making the learning experience completely interactive, intellectually satisfying and 100% responsive to personalized learning and comprehensive capabilities of each student

The scientific way of Evaluation

The status of preparation is evaluated based on their performance in the mock test, Sectional Tests, Block wise Tests & Concept Folder Wise tests. Detailed Analytic Reports with performance statistics will be generated for Each Student.

LTI- Learn Through Images

Images are so powerful for learning purposes because Human Brain only understands Images. This is property, limitation, and Language of Brain and based on that only we can understand the basic question – How Does Brain Work.

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Padho Leekho is an organization established to affect positively the landscape of the online teaching and learning industry in India.


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