Padho Leekho is an organization established to affect positively the landscape of the online teaching and learning industry in India.

The main objective of the company is to promote online Education for academic as well as various competitive examinations. India and Indian Competitive Exams are one of the toughest exams in the world. The competitive Exams broadly classified into two types- First is Entrance Test for Admission into various Streams like Engineering, Medical, MBA, M. Tech, Commerce, Law, Humanities, Polytechnic, ITI, etc. and Second is for Government jobs varies from IAS, IPS, IRS, Bank-PO, IES, IFS, Railways, Class-B officers, etc.

The present Indian Education System is introduced by British and Lord Macaulay was the founder and introducer of this system during Colony Era. He drafted the Indian Education Policy and English Education Act 1935 had come in force with English as a language of Instruction. This System is having many pros and cons and one major FLAW is it made learning only limited to formal and academic ways, which is based on ROTE Methodology and only Classroom Pedagogy. It vanishes unconventional learning, self-learning, creativity, and curiosity to enquire at the third level of Children. Mainly three levels of Enquiry are needed to understand the very root cause of any concept and that is – WHAT, HOW & WHY. The present Indian Education System stops Learning at a second level only means- What is…. & How it is…. It is not Boosting to ask the Question WHY IT IS….. 

Formal and Academic Education has become the only way of learning and Certification has become only the Tools for Measurement but Human development, Children’s Growth, and Learning are Very much more than that….

The Inspiration to establish PADHO LEEKHO is to make education beyond the books and how to use common sense, observation, very basic math skills, creativity to become a self-learner very fast and become addicted to learning various unconventional techniques to become happy and successful in life. You will start to LEARN WHAT YOU LOVE! 

Preparation of Academic and Competitive Exams

The Academic Preparation mainly needed at Standard 9th, 10th Board Exam, 11th & 12th Board Exam. After 10th Board and Marks gained in that is the deciding factor to get admission in various streams like- PCM, PCB, PCMB, COMMERCE, etc. Similarly, 12th Board Exam and Marks gained in that is one of the deciding factors but to get admission in IIT, NIT, AIIMS and other reputed colleges of Engineering, Medical, Commerce, Law & Humanities, and Students have to perform and compete among the Millions of Students through ALL INDIA EXAMS related to various Streams. JEE is one of the toughest exams in the world and students had to compete or perform very well to get admission into Prestigious and Premier Institute of IITs.

Similarly, to get admission in higher education various competitive All India Exams are conducted by various bodies. Out of these exams, CAT is the Toughest exam and it is toughest in the world also compare to other MBA Entrance Tests at the International level or country level. CAT is the very biggest hurdle to take admission into Prestigious and Premier Institute of IIM’s. It is Aptitude based exam and understanding the Boundary and scope of Syllabus itself is a challenging.

The ultimate of knowledge will be tested and it is Litmus Test for Academic reading, understanding and memorizing the Facts through the Most Prestigious Exam of India conducted by UPSC and it will produce the backbone of India- IAS, IPS, IRS, etc. This exam will test the students through 3 stages of Exam – Preliminary Test, Written or Mains Test and Personal Interview.

PADHO LEEKHO will make your path easy by means of various tools, techniques, observations and how to learn in a very unconventional way to compete and perform better than others in CAT, IIT-JEE, NEET, IAS, 10th Board Exam, 12th Board Exam, etc.

PADHO LEEKHO will follow the simple methodology of teaching and how to make you addicted to learning because learning is not only for pass the exam it is for life long purpose. How to become a very keen observer is the main tool to understand very natural and fundamental things with clarity and without confusion. We give much attention and focus to students for learning beyond the conventional books, ROTE Techniques and how to become a self-learner.

Padho Leekho is aimed at guiding its students through the myriad complexities of academic and competitive exam preparations and makes them enjoy the journey along with highly successful results.

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