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The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test required for admission to MS, MBA, and other postgraduate programs in globally renowned universities.

Cracking the GRE requires meticulous preparation and guidance from experienced mentors.

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Our Proven GRE Preparation Methodology

1. 500+ Hours of GRE Video Content

Get access to 500+ hours of HD video lectures covering every GRE section – Quant, Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing. The videos explain GRE theories, formulas, and strategies.

2. 5000+ GRE-style Questions

Our extensive GRE question bank with 5000+ questions helps you gain conceptual clarity and exam readiness through rigorous practice. Sectional and full-length GRE mock tests were provided.

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3. Live GRE Workshops

Attend our specialized workshops on GRE time management strategies, overcoming test anxiety, effective guessing, and more techniques to ace the real GRE.

4. 25+ GRE Mock Tests

We provide 25+ full-length GRE mock tests for performance benchmarking, self-evaluation, and focused improvement in weak areas. Write mocks to succeed.

5. Personalized GRE Mentoring

Our experienced mentors provide customized guidance for your GRE preparation planning, execution, doubt clearing, and more. See proven results.

6. Stellar GRE Coaching Track Record

With 10+ years of experience, Padho Leekho has successfully helped students crack the GRE and get into Ivy Leagues, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, NUS, and more.

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The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test commonly used for admissions into various graduate and business programs in the United States and around the world.

The GRE consists of several sections:

1. Analytical Writing: This section includes two tasks: “Analyze an Issue” and “Analyze an Argument.” Test-takers need to write essays in response to these prompts. Scores for the Analytical Writing section range from 0 to 6, in half-point increments.

2. Verbal Reasoning: The Verbal Reasoning section evaluates your reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence skills. It includes multiple-choice questions. Scores for the Verbal Reasoning section range from 130 to 170, in one-point increments.

3. Quantitative Reasoning: The Quantitative Reasoning section assesses your mathematical skills and problem-solving abilities. It includes multiple-choice questions, quantitative comparison questions, and numeric entry questions. Scores for the Quantitative Reasoning section also range from 130 to 170, in one-point increments.

The GRE is computer-adaptive, meaning the difficulty of the questions adapts based on your performance. 

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General analysis of the GRE:

1. Test Structure: The GRE is a computer-based exam, which means you’ll take it on a computer at a designated testing center. There is also an at-home version available, which became more common due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Scoring: The GRE is scored on a scale of 130 to 170 for the Verbal and Quantitative sections, with a combined maximum score of 340. The Analytical Writing section is scored on a scale of 0 to 6.

3. Test Duration: The total test time for the computer-based GRE is around 3 hours and 45 minutes, including one 10-minute break and one 1-minute break between sections.

4. Preparation: Most test-takers spend several months preparing for the GRE. You can find a variety of test prep materials, including study guides, practice tests, and online courses.

5. Retakes: You have the option to retake the GRE if you are not satisfied with your initial score. Be aware that some schools may consider all of your scores, while others may focus on your highest score.

6. Strategy: Effective test-taking strategies, such as time management, process of elimination, and practice under timed conditions, are essential for success.


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7. GRE Subject Tests: In addition to the General GRE, there are also GRE Subject Tests for specific fields of study. These are less commonly required for admission but may be requested by certain programs.

8. Score Reporting: You can choose which GRE scores to send to institutions. Scores are typically valid for up to five years.

9. Test Fees: The GRE comes with registration fees, which may vary depending on the location. Additional fees may apply for services like sending score reports to multiple institutions.

GRE scores are one component of your graduate school application, and admission decisions are based on a holistic review of your qualifications, including your academic record, recommendation letters, personal statement, and other factors.

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